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Jennifer is a very personal and compassionate dog lover who has trained, competed and rescued dogs since 1988. She is one of few women dog trainers in law enforcement dog training with an exceptional reputation. She has an amazing ability to handle the strong-willed KNPV (Dutch Police) Belgian Malinois. She has been recognized by state certifying agencies for her dog training skills and is known for success with dogs where other dog trainers have failed. Her clients affectionately refer to her as the local “dog whisperer.” Her gift and ability to train the tough working dog is combined with her impressive knowledge of dog psychology and behavior, and dedication to provide excellent training and amazing dogs. She is also dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of unwanted dogs and strives to educate people on the importance of spaying and neutering and responsible dog ownership.

Steve has trained police dogs and protection dogs since 1994 and has completed military training at elite levels as an U.S. Army Ranger. He holds several degrees and attended graduate school in the medical field. He has superior intelligence and skills at training difficult canines and turning dog/handler K9 teams into top producers.

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I took my female German Shepherd to get trained at Victory K9. She came back a completely different dog. Jennifer took the time to explain the commands to every member of my family. I can't say enough about the wonderful service I received. I will use Victory K9 for future training and boring.

Randon Morgan

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