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We work with a variety of rescue groups that always have dogs that need forever homes.

These are dogs that for various (and many irresponsible) reasons, have been abandoned or unwanted.   We, and many of our other rescue organization friends, work tirelessly to save as many of these dogs as possible.   Our hope is that one day everyone will commit to spaying and neutering until we no longer need rescue groups and animal shelters.  What a wonderful day that would be.

You benefit from adopting from rescue groups because we get all dogs spayed or neutered.  Dogs are updated on all vaccines. They are heartworm tested and in most cases if the dog tests positive for heartworms it is treated, which is very expensive. 

Your greatest advantage in rescue is we evaluate the dog's temperament and determine the best possible home environment that would give the dog a forever home.  We will determine the dog's comfort level  interacting with children, with other dogs and with cats.  We socialize with them in the home and attempt to do necessary housebreaking and crate training.  As a means to make these animals more adoptable many times we will obedience train them and put new owners through a handler training and education lesson. 

Adopt a Dog - Mona

There are many rescue groups and if you are interested in a specific breed rescue you can typically find a group for any pure bred dog online, along with mixed breed and multiple breed rescue groups.  Adoption fees normally range between $150 and $300 depending on the situation.  However, remember adoption fees are only to offset the enormous veterinary, food and other care expenses endured by those of us who rescue and there is never a profit to be made.   A contract and other conditions of care from the adopting home are expected as well.  Rescue groups never allow breeding or any dog to go in tact.  Rescue groups also never accept homes without proper and safe containment for the dog.

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