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Narcotics Dog with Results

These dogs are trained for scent work to locate marijuana, hash, cocaine, crack, heroin, amphetamines, methamphetamines and varieties of trend drugs. These dog searches are trained in a variety of realistic settings and locations including but not limited to; inside, outside, in and under vehicles, trucks, buses. In and around homes, buildings, warehouses, schools, lockers, yards, aircraft, etc. These dogs may be trained on either aggressive or passive indication. Labrador Retrievers are most preferred.

This police dog is trained to do both narcotic searches in the scent dog training that is listed under Narcotic Detection along with canine training for Tracking and human scent searches. These scent tracking dogs are trained to track criminals and lost persons under most any condition and terrain.


Top Canine Selection, many top imports from Europe, carefully selected dogs for solid working temperament. Top breeds of choice are the Belgian Malinois, German Shepherd, and Labrador Retriever. Fully trained high drive dogs with excellent obedience and agility. No marginal dogs, no green dogs, no wash outs. Complete health work up including hip x-rays.

Narcotics Dog with Cash

K9 Handler Training School with every canine purchased ranges from 80 hours for detection dogs to 200 hours for dual purpose canines. All aspects of dog handling, training, maintenance, legal/court issues, police/procedure and emergency care are covered. Dogva training schools are difficult and thorough. Written, oral, and field tests are required with minimum acceptable scores. Strict selection and dog handlers is recommended.

Maintenance Training is offered for the life of the dog at our facility. Basic equipment is included for training. A list of recommended equipment for an effective K9 Unit including first aid kid is provided.

Health Guarantee is included providing all canines are in good health at the time of sale and delivery. All dogs are current on vaccinations, heartworm preventative, free of internal and external parasites, and have hip x-rays. Buyer has 7 days from day of delivery to have the dog examined by a veterinarian of their choice. Victory K9 must be notified immediately in writing of any problems and provided a copy of the veterinarian's report. Any justified treatment will be done at our cost and may require transporting the dog to a veterinarian of our choice. Accidents or injuries during the 7 day period will not be covered. A complete copy of our guarantee is provided with a purchase contract.

trained Malinois detection dog

Training Guarantee provides you assurance your purchase with us is the right one. Our guarantee ensures all canines will perform in trained areas for a qualified handler who has completed a Victory K9 Training School. Our dogs are guaranteed to be top workers. All work must be within reason and within the abilities of the dog. Any difficulties must be made in writing immediately. The K9 team will be evaluated, assisted and trained in correcting the difficulty at our facility. Our police k9 handling school is stringently designed to help eliminate these possibilities. However, we will always stand by our K9 Teams with an open door policy for training. Canine Maintenance training is offered for the street life of the dog. A complete copy of our training guarantee is provided with a purchase contract.

Our Guarantees are solid. They make your K9 purchase with us a great choice. Our goal is to see that all our dogs are successful for your agency. Productivity for you, means more sales for us. Our standards are high because reputation is everything. Twenty years in business tells you we're successful and dependable. Train with us and see.


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