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Victory K-9 Training and Care offers obedience training, protection dogs, and police k-9 training by top professionals dedicated to quality, care and performance. Elite dog training for the family pet, in obedience, family protection, behavior problems, and agility. Exceptional working dogs for patrol, protection, narcotics and tracking.

Victory K-9 Training has been in business since 1990, training dogs for Law Enforcement, Families and Estates. All dog trainers at Victory K-9 Training are carefully selected civilian and law enforcement personnel who are dedicated to the high standards Victory K-9 insists upon.

Victory K9 Training- Assistance Dog

Victory K-9 Training is proud of its reputation as a credible and dependable dog training facility for work or for pets. We believe the dog is one of man's greatest assets and should be treated with that value. We train high caliber working dogs and obedient family pets at fair and reasonable prices. We are about service and care and our commitment to you doesn't end after any team finishes dog training school. We offer humane training methods and are always careful to consider training from the dog's point of view while providing handlers with strong skills and education.

Our goal is to positively encourage and motivate dogs to do the job you are training for, and to teach dog handlers to provide respectful, knowledgeable leadership, whether it be police or pet. Mutual trust, respect and proper leadership is of the utmost importance in the training relationship, without it there is no real meaning to companion.


  • We have offered these programs since 1990 with tremendous success. All dogs complete these programs in the scheduled time frame, however, if we see the dog needs extra time we will extend the training.
  • In handling dogs we never exclude the value of the owner, you are trained also. It is important that owners realize achieving a well mannered dog requires a commitment to educating yourself and following the instructions of your professional dog trainer. We spend a great deal of time working with owners so you are good handlers.
  • Our reputation is of great value and we never want anyone to feel they were not successful here. If you have questions or concerns we want to hear them and we will do our very best to work with you. While we try to be very clear about our programs and policies we believe in treating people the way we would want to be treated.
  • We accept all dog breeds and all sizes. Pricing for each program is based on breed and age.
  • We start puppies as early as 12 weeks in our regular basic obedience program.
  • All dogs should be current on bordetella and rabies vaccines.
  • Puppies cannot have rabies until 16 weeks of age but should have at least 2 distemper/parvo vaccinations.
  • We train deaf dogs, blind dogs, and dogs with missing legs.
  • We will train dogs with issues other dog trainers will not take.

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Customer Reviews

Jennifer is the dog whisperer of NC! I was at my wit's end with my rescue hound pup, and getting completely overwhelmed. After 1 session with us over the holidays she had trained my pup in 3 new commands, including heel! But the most valuable part of the session is what she teaches the human, not the dog. She showed me several different, simple, and easy ways to help establish "alpha" status, while not scaring my pup, and building up his sense of confidence and security. Most of his puppy behavior problems all but disappeared shortly after implementing what she taught us. If you're looking for a dog whisperer, and are willing to listen to what she teaches you, this is definitely the route to go! My only regret is that we live far enough away that we can't continue to work with her! Thank you Jennifer!

Rachel Landon

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