Law Enforcement and statistics agree,
Family Protection Dogs are the safest and most effective form of security for the
home and family

All dogs are custom selected and trained to meet your specific needs.

Victory K9 Training- Protection Dog Training

These dogs are working companions designed for families and estates as pets with a job. They are social within reason yet are trained to respond to an aggressor on your command. The dog is also trained that any aggressive behavior or intrusion by an unknown person toward the handler or family is cause for a response. Protection Dogs are very dedicated to their families, just as a police dog is to his police officer. They are Not unpredictable dogs. They respond to the way they are trained.

Our Protection Dogs are carefully selected for family members such as children and elderly persons. The specific needs of each family or estate are evaluated and an appropriate dog is selected. Normally Protection Dogs are kept inside the home with the family. Requirements for housing and maintaining your Protection Dog are discussed in your consultation.

We typically recommend and select dogs from the German Shephard, Belgian Malinois, Doberman, and Rottweiler breeds. Most of our dogs are imported from Europe for better working quality. We do not breed. All dogs get a comprehensive Veterinary exam upon arrival. We ensure all vaccinations are current, checked for heartworms, started on a heartworm preventative and hip x-rays are done. Handler training for the owner is done at our facility and is included in your purchase price. Handler training can be done on your property for an additional fee and travel expenses.

Our Protection Canines are among the very best available for the safety and protection of your family and home. We select the best dog for you and commit to providing you with training and handler instruction no one else can match. We never want anyone to leave without being extremely pleased.

Pricing is based on the specific dog and training needs of each family. Call to discuss your need or to set up a consultation.

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Customer Reviews

Jennifer is the dog whisperer of NC! I was at my wit's end with my rescue hound pup, and getting completely overwhelmed. After 1 session with us over the holidays she had trained my pup in 3 new commands, including heel! But the most valuable part of the session is what she teaches the human, not the dog. She showed me several different, simple, and easy ways to help establish "alpha" status, while not scaring my pup, and building up his sense of confidence and security. Most of his puppy behavior problems all but disappeared shortly after implementing what she taught us. If you're looking for a dog whisperer, and are willing to listen to what she teaches you, this is definitely the route to go! My only regret is that we live far enough away that we can't continue to work with her! Thank you Jennifer!

Rachel Landon

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