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Will the training change my dog's temperament?

No. Training should teach the dog respect, manners and control. He should learn the rules of the home and to be part of the family pack. This is assuming the dog is never put into an abusive situation. It also assumes the dog has structure and rules in the home and is not allowed to run wild.

How do you feel about electronic shock collars?

I am opposed to them. It takes much more time, patience, and intelligence to do "the work" than to push a button. Many times people can over use them and create a bigger problem in the dog.

Are there dogs that you will not train?

No. We specialize in behavior problems that others refuse to handle.

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Customer Reviews

Jennifer is the dog whisperer of NC! I was at my wit's end with my rescue hound pup, and getting completely overwhelmed. After 1 session with us over the holidays she had trained my pup in 3 new commands, including heel! But the most valuable part of the session is what she teaches the human, not the dog. She showed me several different, simple, and easy ways to help establish "alpha" status, while not scaring my pup, and building up his sense of confidence and security. Most of his puppy behavior problems all but disappeared shortly after implementing what she taught us. If you're looking for a dog whisperer, and are willing to listen to what she teaches you, this is definitely the route to go! My only regret is that we live far enough away that we can't continue to work with her! Thank you Jennifer!

Rachel Landon

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