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Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions.

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Will the training change my dog's temperament?

No. Training should teach the dog respect, manners and control. He should learn the rules of the home and to be part of the family pack. This is assuming the dog is never put into an abusive situation. It also assumes the dog has structure and rules in the home and is not allowed to run wild.

Will my dog forget me if I board him for training?

No. Our training never lasts more than two weeks. Dogs remember much more than we think. They do not forget those they have a bond with or those they love. Even dogs that may have only been with you a few days will be happy to see you again.

My dog is very timid will boarding and training make him worse?

At our facility, no. This is because we work to build confidence during training so the dog knows what to expect, along with play rewards to help focus on fun instead of fear. We have indoor/outdoor runs that allow the dog the freedom to go in or out as they please which reduces stress. We also give dogs playtime (without any additional cost to you) in addition to training time.

How do you feel about electronic shock collars?

I am opposed to them. It takes much more time, patience, and intelligence to do "the work" than to push a button. Many times people can over use them and create a bigger problem in the dog.

Are there dogs that you will not train?

No. We specialize in behavior problems that others refuse to handle.

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Don't see your question listed above? Please feel free to use the form below to submit your question to our staff.

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